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  • The training provided by you to our staff members on leadership skills & stress management was very effective. Our staff members have told me that they have felt very nice & goal oriented after attending this training.
    - CA Amey Dhere

  • Emotional Intelligence is a must to do training for everyone who is in business or job. I learnt very basic aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Law Of Habit, KNOW your excuses, Power of Gratitude. It helps you in decision making and makes you more humane, that is what I can quote.
    - Mr.Kaustubh Valimbe

  • Superb, you changed the way how I look at myself.
    - Mr. Ramdeo Mutha

  • It was really nice attending the session. It did add value to my knowledge about Inter Personal Behaviour.
    - CA Sukhada Rao Dhere

  • The session was really informative. It will help to tackle the situation not only in professional life but will be useful in dealing with family members too.
    - Mrs. Suvarna Rahul Markar