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  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills : Public Speaking is considered a fear in the world. Our module will make learner a Confident Speaker and a Smart Presenter.
    This is suitable for people from all walks of life like businesswomen/men, professionals (CA, CS, Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Accounts, etc.), students, home makers, teachers, etc.
  • Business Etiquette: This talks about how to enhance your personal & professional image and is suitable for anyone & everyone who is into business, an entrepreneur, working professional, etc.
  • Leadership Skills : Leaders are there in all spheres but that "ship" is missing. This program bridges that gap and one gets to know what type of a leader she or he is. Suitable for Business Owners, Heads of various Departments, Start Up Entrepreneurs, Children of businesswomen/men entering their family business, etc.
  • Goal Setting : This module will bring out a person from you who is focused and dedicated towards work and has the conviction to achieve the set targets.
  • Team Management : This module is typically for business owners and high level executives who will learn to manage the team in a way so as to achieve the targets and also will be able to retain the best talent.
  • Emotional Intelligence : In this program the participants will learn how to understand yourself and others. Also one would learn to manage their emotions in all situations.
  • Time and Stress Management : This program will make you respect and love time and you will be able to manage stress in most adverse conditions.
  • Motivational Skills : In present times of stress and daily hustle bustle it is very necessary to remain motivated so that you are ready for the next day. Through this module you will learn not only to remain motivated but motivate others also.
  • Interview Skills : Getting God is easy now a days but getting a job is heck of a task. This module will make you perfect enough to face any job interview with confidence and clinch the desired job.
  • Parenting Skills : Parenting is becoming a TASK with this internet generation. This program will make learners proficient in skills to handle their children as a parent as well as a friend.
  • Selling Skills : You have to sell every day, may be your products, services, ideas, concepts, etc. Your customers can be outsiders, family members, friends, colleagues, investors, etc. This module will make you THE SALES PERSON in whatever profile you may be.
  • Negotiation Skills : One has to negotiate everywhere with everyone on daily basis. We negotiate with boss, HR department for salary / increment etc., at shops and where not. This module will make you good negotiator that you will win the battle with any sales expert.
  • Customer Service : This is not a necessary but mandatory skill if you want to sustain in business. Through this program learners will be able to retain their customer base and hence get referrals also from existing customers.
  • Body Talk : We speak less and our body talks more. Yes, your gestures, postures, etc. define the way people may perceive you. In this module you will learn how to communicate without saying a word in different situations.
  • Transactional Analysis : This module is for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Here they will learn how to turn the tables in their favour during high level meetings with investors, clients, etc.
  • Interpersonal Skills : We all work in teams now a days. To make team work it is necessary that all the members understand each other well. Through this module you will learn how to understand and manage people keeping ego at bay and cooperation at the focal point.
  • Conflict Management : Conflict , disagreement is bound to happen be it home, workplace, social circle, etc. Through this module you will learn how to prevent conflict and /or if it happens at all how to manage it.
  • Communication Skills : Communication is the key word. You are considered to be a master if you convey well to your audience / listeners. Bad / Incomplete communication leads to confusing interpretation hence hindering the desired results. This module will make you proficient not only in verbal communication but non verbal communication also.